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AFP General on Sarah Elago: 'You have mastered the art of deception'
Si Bongbong lang ba? Robredo claims there are ‘active efforts’ to oust her as VP, but 'no proof that the President is behind these efforts'
Rep. Roman says 'Ladies should not be offended by trans women using female comfort rooms, “If you have a problem, magtiis ka!”
Casiño to his critics: "Don’t use my family to get back at me...You have a beef with me, stick with me...”
“Anong klaseng parent ka?" Bato slams Zarate for tolerating ‘missing’ student instead of bringing her to mother.
Sen. Bong Go says "Yung mga nakikita ko nagra-rally sa daan, sila rin yung nasa bundok. ‘Wag tayo magkunwari”
Transgender woman was arrested after being harassed for using ladies' comfort room in QC mall