Business Tycoons commit to help as Mayor Isko's call to invest in Manila.

Mayor Isko Moreno and SMC COO, Mr. Ramon Ang/photo courtesy of The Manila Times

Manila, Philippines – Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, has been calling all businessmen to have invest in manila, and that he is giving incentives to investors.
Moreno announced in an interview that the country’s business tycoons have responded to his call to invest in Manila and return the glory that had been lost for a long time.

 “A lot of them have committed to help – Ricky Razon, Tessie Sy, Lance Gokongwei, Doris Magsaysay-Ho, all of them have agreed to help the city,” Moreno said last week at the opening of San Miguel Corp.’s learning center and food facility in Tondo.
Mayor Isko added that the country’s capital has been a huge part of their lives one way or another. He also wishes that these businessmen to invest so they could help Manila in a much bigger impact for the poor.
“Their investment is now being studied. We are now working on our counter-proposal so let’s say, if they want to come here, we will give them these options. We will protect their businesses from corruption and we can show them the possibilities on how they can invest,” he said.

Moreno is eyeing tourism, energy-saving, environment, and different industries as possible business investments.
He wants to revive the famous bridges in Manila and how it was during the Spanish time. “We will bring you back in time,” he said.
He has been marketing Manila to all possible investors to do business in Manila as his main goal to give back all the benefits to his fellow Manileños.
 “We will try to reach that kind of goal with everyone’s help,” he said.

One of the biggest companies to respond to Moreno’s call, is San Miguel Corporation’s, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ramon Ang.
Moreno and SMC president and COO Ramon Ang formally opened the Tondo facility, the first of its kind learning facility and food bank right in the heart of Tondo which targets the poorest barangays in Manila.
Better World Tondo center aims to provide the poorest barangays of Manila access to food, as well as tools to allow them to improve their lives.
Ang said more than a food bank, the center is a learning facility that aims to help improve the lives of the children of Tondo.

“Better World Tondo was a concept we’ve had for some time. We want to be able to collaborate with businesses and companies to collect excess food, store them in a food bank, to be served to those in need by community volunteers. It’s food rescue to address hunger, which is still a major problem for many sectors of our society,” Ang said.

Source: Philstar

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