Mas maraming magagawa!Trillanes dares Duterte to appoint Robredo as IATF chair: Si Duterte patulog-tulog lang

Photo from Philstar and Politiko

Former senator Antonio Trillanes IV challenged President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday to appoint Vice President Leni Robredo to lead the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Trillanes said that if the government wants no mistake, then it should appoint Robredo as the chairperson of IATF.

“If MalacaƱang really wants to flatten the curve, then it should appoint [Robredo] to be the IATF chair,” Trillanes said in a statement Friday.

“Kung si Vice President Leni ang mamumuno at magpapatakbo ng IATF, mas marami itong magagawa at siguradong mas maganda ang kampanya natin laban sa COVID-19,” he added.

Trillanes made the statement after Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Robredo should offer solutions rather than criticize the government’s effort to control the pandemic.

In an interview with ANC on Wednesday, Roque said: “I just wish the vice president could actually offer solutions.”

Trillanes also asked if Roque is blind not to see the efforts of the vice president since COVID-19 spread in the country.

“Is Roque blind or pretending to be blind on the help extended and being extended to our countrymen by the vice president in the face of this pandemic?” the former mutineer said

“Kung ang amo ni Roque na si Duterte ay patulog-tulog, si [Robredo] ay halos wala nang pahinga sa paghahanap ng paraan kung panno makatutulong sa mga Pilipino,” says Trillanes

“Duterte has opted to use checkpoints instead of mass testing and contact tracing. His failure to properly address the problem has devastated the economy and led to more COVID-19 cases.” He added

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