De Lima on her 3rd year in detention: 'We must continue to fight for rule of law'

Photo grabbed via Abogado website

On Sunday, February 23, senator Leila De Lima marked her 3rd year in detention cell and once again appealed to the Filipinos to continue to fight against the contamination of the rule of law.

De Lima, who was arrested in February 2017, repeatedly denied the charges against her, saying President Rodrigo Duterte twisted the truth to jail her.

“Today marks my 3rd full year in detention. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 4th. I don’t know for how long I will remain unjustly detained,” De Lima said.

“But I do know one thing for certain: my will to fight for what is right remains undeterred and, in fact, is validated and reinvigorated by recent developments and successes – not the least of which is the forum held two days ago at De La Salle University,” she said.

Meanwhile, De Lima lauded the first ever International Forum on “Lawfare,” particularly on the Weaponization of the Law Against Democratic Dissent which was hosted by the country.

“It is an honor for our nation to – once again – play a significant role in the history and progress of democracy around the world,” De Lima said.

“Even while our government continues to slide backwards into tyranny and repression, it is a source of comfort to know that the rest of Filipino society has not given up the fight for their rights, liberties and sovereignty,” she said.

 “Indeed, we must continue to fight against the bastardization of the rule of law, and to reclaim its dignity and role in upholding – and not corruption – justice. That is what the forum is about, yet it is but a start.” she added

De Lima has been in detention since 2017 over drug charges filed against her by the Department of Justice (DOJ) before a court in Muntinlupa.

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