Maria Ressa's “God’s Gift to Journalism”, slammed abs-cbn for using Rappler's headline

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa compiled photo from Philstar (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - Rappler Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa always praises the media company she runs as the “God’s Gift to Journalism” every time she has an opportunity to do so.
On Ressa’s tweet on Saturday, slammed her former employer and one of the biggest broadcasting company in the country, for allegedly posting an article online with a subhead using ‘Rappler’s headline’,

“Here’s an example of glass-half-empty, half-full. The ABS story ran a sub-head that is Rappler’s headline. What headline would you have used?” Ressa said, with links to Rappler and ABS-CBN’s articles.

ABS-CBN’s article title read: “SWS: Most Pinoys find freedom of speech ‘very strong’ under Duterte.” the subhead was as follows: “But half of Pinoys believe printing, broadcasting anything critical vs gov’t ‘dangerous’”

Meanwhile, the title of Rappler’s article read: “Majority of Filipinos think it’s dangerous to publish anything critical of Duterte admin” Ressa’s twitter post.

Whatever the purpose as to why Ressa is making a big deal on ABS-CBN’s article subhead, while it is obviously different from Rappler’s perspective.

As usual, Ressa must be in the mood to proclaim that Rappler is superior as always over other media entities.

Source: Politiko

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