Woman pushed Priest off stage in the middle of mass in front of thousands

Rev. Marcelo Rossi photo from Yahoo Philippines (ctto)

Sao Paolo, Canção Nova, Brazil - A viral video recently circulating in Brazil, when a woman assaulted a priest during a mass was caught on camera.

Reverend Marcelo Rossi a priest in the Catholic community of Canção Nova in Brazil. As he was delivering a mass on Sunday, when suddenly a woman ran up and violently pushed the Priest off the stage.

Thousands of horrified crowd witnessed the horrific event as Reverend Rossi routinely televised his masses. That unexpected moment was all caught on camera when a woman suddenly ran up to him and pushed him off the stage.

According to reports, the woman’s action was triggered by Rev. Rossi’s statement that "Fat women don’t get into Heaven." While in separate reports, the woman allegedly has a mental disorder.

Fortunately, the Reverend was not seriously hurt and suffered no injuries and later on returned to the stage to continue the mass.
After the attack, the priest jokingly said, “It hurt, but pay close attention. I was just going to talk about pain but I did not imagine it was going to be like this,”

Canção Nova released a statement: “The priest is well. He was attended by the medical staff at the event and presided over the celebration to the end.”
The unnamed woman was arrested but later on, released from custody after Rev. Rossi decided not to press charges against her according to reports.

Source: Yahoo PH

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