Macalintal to Marcos' allegations on wet ballots: "Iyung sinasabi ni Mr. Marcos na anomaly, fake news iyun -- hindi totoo,"

Manila, Philippines – The recount of ballots for vice presidency has official started yesterday.

The camp of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was surprised as the found ballots used in the 2016 National elections are wet, and handful of logs were missing.

Marcos said that recount of ballots started with the votes from Bato, Camarines Sur, wherein all ballots from 4 out of 42 precincts were discovered to have gotten wet recently, making them “invalid”.

"They've only been recently wet. If they were wet during election day, siguro natuyo na iyun -- hindi naman siguro 2 years na basa iyun. May nagbasa," Marcos told the media.

Meanwhile, in response to the allegations given by Marcos camp, the counsel of Vice President Leni Rebredo – Atty. Romulo Macalintal dismissed it and called the statement “fake news”.

"Iyung sinasabi ni Mr. Marcos na anomaly, fake news iyun -- hindi totoo," Macalintal told the reporters.

He added that those wet ballots were damaged due to typhoons and floods, and this is not something to worry about since the automated poll system stores back up images of the ballots.

"Laging sinasabi ng natalo na sila ay nadaya. Dapat palitan na natin ang konsepto na ito... Hindi ba puwedeng mangyari na iyung nanalo ang siyang nadaya at iyung mandaraya, hindi sapat ang kaniyang nagawa para ma-overcome ang vote lead ng nanalo?" Macalintal added.

Furthermore, Macalintal also said that Bongbong Marcos will not win in his recount dispute against Robredo by just claiming that the undervotes belonged to him.

In an interview with CNN, Marcos camp spokesperson Vic Rodriguez said that there were at least 290, 000 undervote in Camarines Sur and Iloilo – which are believed to be more than enough to overcome the winning margin 263,473 votes of Robredo.

“I’m very, very confident that we won’t lose this case because with due respect, if they will only rely on undervotes, that’s not a ground for [an]election protest because undervotes happen due to the voters’ choice not to vote for a vice presidential candidate or [of]an error from a voter because the shading that was made on the ballot did not reach the shade threshold required by the Comelec. There’s also the overvote wherein a voter voted more than the required number of candidates for a position, like voting two or three for Vice President, which won’t be counted [by the vote counting machine],” Macalintal said.

 Source: Manila Times

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