Duterte urges other countries to withdraw from ICC: “These white fools from EU... I tell you, they are doing it to atone for their sins

The President fires back at the International Criminal Court!

During the Graduation ceremony of the Philippine Military Academy’s “Alab Tala” class of 2018 in Fort Del Pilar in Baguio City, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte slams the United Nations International Criminal Court and persuaded countries that have ratified the Rome Statute to follow the Philippines example.

He maintains that the Rome Statute does not have any jurisdiction over his person.  

The Rome Statute, that gave way for the creation of the International Criminal Court, was sponsored by the European Union precisely for making up for its past “sins” and “brutality.”

The European Union has been critical on the deaths that have resulted because of Duterte’s war on illegal drugs, alleging the policy is a State sponsored killings on those who are in the illegal trade.

The President said that the European in the past is to be blamed for stealing oil from the Arabs and has sowed divisions in the Middle East.

“I will convince everybody now who are under the treaty... get out, get out, bastos ‘yan (that’s disrespectful),” Duterte said during the graduation rights of the PMA Class 2018 in the summer capital.


“These white fools from EU... I tell you, they are doing it to atone for their sins. They are (seeking pardon) for the many years of brutality that they inflicted. In the Middle East, they took so much of the oil, they increased their productivity and made the country rich while leaving the poor Arabs to fight against one another. They divided the Middle East.” President Duterte said.

Last week he ordered the immediate withdrawal of the Philippines ratification of the Rome statute, citing among other things “outrageous attacks” against him by the ICC and the United Nations officials. 

He said when the ICC started its preliminary examinations on his anti-narcotics crackdown, it has allowed itself to be “political tool” by the opposition to harass him and the Philippines in general.

The ICC entertained the communication by lawyer Jude Sabio, who alleges that the President was responsible for more than 7,000 deaths of suspected drug personalities.

On the Rome statutes applicability in Philippine soil, the President gave a logical and legal reason.

“The treaty, if you read it, it’s bull... It is clearly a criminal law,” he  said. 
“You have to publish it so people would not be ignorant. Because if it is not published, you cannot tell me now that ignorance of the law excuses no one. It has to be published in the Official Gazette,” Duterte added. 
“Now, if there is no publication... it is fatal especially a criminal law.”
He insisted there is a need for publication for treaties relating to criminal offenses.And there is no need to follow the 1 year for the formal withdrawal to take effect.
“According to these fools who happen to be senators, it would take about one year before the withdrawal takes effect. I do not know where we are heading to. You know, if it is not published, there is no law. So there is no reason to withdraw something which is not existing,” Duterte said. 

Source: Philstar

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