PRRD intensifies the 'purge', to fire more corrupt official, 3 police generals, and dozens of cops

More corrupt officials are in line to get fired by President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

Top officials and police generals are about to lose their jobs in the next few days as part of the president’s intensified anti-corruption purge.

On Thursday, president Duterte announced that he is about to get rid of another chairman in the government, three police generals, and dozens of other cops.

“I am not a saint. I have also my faults in life. But money has never been really an issue to me. I am in the thick of firing people,” the president said during a closed-door meeting with Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

"I am firing another chairman of an entity in government maybe this week and another set of mga policemen... I am in the thick of firing people. I intend to fire another maybe 70 policemen and three generals for corruption," he said.

President Duterte has renewed his approach to weed out corruption among government officials.
“This is really a purging regime.” He said.

“I think that I have been spending a lot of time just to clean up government. I would consume four years for the time that I would be there,” the president said.  “I have fired so many before and I will fire so many of you now and in the future,” he added.

Recently, the president was on a firing spree as he is firm not to tolerate corruption under his administration.

Earlier, Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Administrator Marcial Amaro III was relieved for his 24 foreign travel in the last two years.

The president also said that will target corruption within the local government officials.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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