30, 000 residents of Legazpi city marched against illegal drugs

Photo grabbed from Legazpi City local gov't website (ctto)
Manila, Philippines – Around 30,000 participants marched against illegal drugs in Legazpi City in observance of the Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention Week.

The participants called on for more aggressive actions against the war on illegal drugs in the country.
On Wednesday, the city Mayor Noel Rosal expressed his gratitude towards the people who participated and for its success in this year’s anti-drug rally.

Mayor Rosal also said that this year was the biggest success so far.

He said that the citizens are more ready to fight and crack down the country problem on drug addiction, and make their city peaceful and free from illegal drugs.

“We are doing this kind of campaign in order to save the lives of the younger generations and not to destroy their future for being a victim of illegal drug, it would also serve as an information tool to the public and make them more aware of the ill effect of this dangerous substance,” the Legazpi mayor added.
Rosal also cited that his administration spearheaded a community-based rehabilitation to drug victims as one way of giving them a chance to bring back their lives to normal.

He also encouraged the officers and members of the barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC)of the villages in Legazpi to implement curfew ordinance for the youth and conduct monitoring activities in their respective areas.

The observance week also includes slogan contest and the city government hands over prizes to the winners.

In 2016, Rosal was also accused of being involve in illegal drug activities which he clarified after.
This initiative of Legazpi city may become a model to other cities as well, to urged their residents to work hand in hand with the government’s campaign to fight illegal drugs.

Source: PTV News

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