Trillanes blames Duterte for rising COVID cases: 'Siya ang may kasalanan kung bakit palpak at corrupt ang gobyerno, at lubog na sa utang ang bansa!'

Photos courtesy of Rappler and CNN PH

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is once again playing the blame game against President Rodrigo Duterte over the country's COVID 19 response.

Trillanes slams Duterte over his recent statement circulating the social media saying that "huwag na tyo magsisihan, kase nandyan na yan eh".

The former Vice Presidential candidate said Duterte should not be allowed to get away with his faults, from the supposed incompetence of the government, worsening quality of life to the surge in coronavirus cases in the country. 

Trillanes, a former rebel soldier, is a known as a staunch critic of President Duterte and his administration.

“Sabi ni duterte wag daw magsisihan. Well, we refuse to let him get away with it. Kaya ikalat ntin ito,” Trillanes tweeted.

"Si duterte ang may kasalanan kung bakit palpak at corrupt ang gobyerno, bagsak ang ekonomiya, mahirap ang buhay," he said

The chief executive has also been blamed by Trillanes for the lack of public transportation and the country’s rising debt.

“Maraming COVID cases, walang masakyan, at lubog na sa utang ang bansa,” he added.

Over the past months since the start of the corona virus pandemic, Trillanes has been criticizing  the President’s alleged “incompetence” in handling the 2019 coronavirus disease.

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