Reresbak para kay Ressa! 2022 game plan: Trillanes to file cyber libel vs bashers supporting Duterte

Photo from Rappler

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes has plans for year 2020 as he asked for help from netizens to gather screenshot of bashers who support President Rodrigo Duterte.

Trillanes said he would file a cyber libel complaint against the allies of the President who targets the opposition.

“Patulong po sa pag save ng mga screenshots ng mga libelous statements ng mga makaduterte laban sa mga oposisyon o kritiko ng duterte administration,” Trillanes said in a tweet.

“Magfa-file po tayo ng cyberlibel sa mga ito sa 2022,” the former lawmaker said.

Trillanes has announced his plan after Rappler CEO Maria Ressa was convicted for cyber libel by a Manila court along with a former researcher Reynaldo Santos, Jr.

For some personalities and supporters of Rappler, the conviction of Ressa has been a blow to press freedom.

The cyber libel case that led to Ressa’s conviction rooted from a complaint filed a businessman named Wilfredo Keng who was described as “shady” in an article published by Rappler.

In his libel case, Keng disputed parts of the article that linked him to involvement in illegal activities, namely human trafficking and drug smuggling, citing an intelligence report.

Cyber libel is the same offense as libel defined under Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code, but committed through a computer system. The High Tribunal, in 2014, ruled that cyber libel was constitutional.

Aside from the said case, Ressa and Rappler are tangled in a string of legal suits, which also includes tax evasion charges filed by the government.



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