Renowned writer isn't buying Ressa’s bluff: Rappler’s press freedom fight ain’t about PH but herself and Rappler

Admired writer Katrina Stuart Santiago is not buying the claim of Rappler CEO Maria that her cyber libel conviction is an attack against press freedom in the country.

Santiago took to Facebook to slam Ressa and Rappler for playing victim of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

“And when did Ressa even ever acknowledge the attacks on critics who are not her own social class, who are not on her side of the political specturm? When has she ever acknowledged the violence against progressive groups? All those international platforms and NOT ONCE HAS SHE TALKED ABOUT THE REST OF US.” Santiago said

She also criticized the international media for believing that Rappler is an independent entity.

“This has been, will always be, my issue with the way Ressa has been fashioned as hero of Philippine democracy by the West and its media: they believe, hook line sinker that Rappler is an "independent" media entity, without even a sense of how Bulatlat, Pinoy Weekly, Altermidya are the only ones that can lay claim to that label.” She said

Santiago said Rappler never disclosed its funding sources since it started even after the attempts to make Ressa talk about it.

“And please "a small office with over 12 reporters"? Sige, 12 reporters and how many editors earning how much cash, since 2011? And since 2011, a bunch of us have asked about their funding sources, have talked about their biases, and guess what Ressa does: brings on the online mob against us.” The writer said

“And no, no, do not start about Ressa and nation—not once, NOT ONCE, has this journalist represented nation. This has always been and always will be about herself and Rappler.” She added

In a press conference after her conviction, Ressa vowed to continue fighting.

“Freedom of the press is the foundation of every single right you have as a Filipino citizen. If we can’t hold power to account, we can’t do anything,” she said

“Are we going to lose freedom of the press? Will it be death by a thousand cuts, or are we going to hold the line so that we protect the rights that are enshrined in our constitution?” Ressa added







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