Maguindanao town officials express support to anti-terror bill

Photo courtesy of PNA

Local Government officials of Rajah Buayan aired their support to the enhanced anti-terror bill, saying the town’s peace and order council willfully support the government’s drive against the destructive terrorists especially in Mindanao.

As reported in the Philippine News Agency (PNA), the town officials of Rajah Buayan in Maguindanao have expressed their support to the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, saying the proposition would bring peace in their communities that have experienced terrorist attacks in the past.

“We support this bill because we are convinced it will put an end to terrorist actions that had long been sowing fear among our people, especially in remote areas,” town officials of Rajah Buayan said.

The Rajah Buayan Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) expressed in a manifesto released Friday that was signed by Mayor Yacob Ampatuan, Vice Mayor Sittie Jin Princess Lumenda, and other MPOC members to make their support official.

“We have experienced terrorism right in our doorsteps, it claimed lives of innocent civilians,” the manifesto added, referring to atrocities conducted by Islamic State-linked Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Rajah Buayan and nearby Moro communities.

The manifesto also stated that many lives had been lost, especially women and children, in the terror attacks.

“We call on our people to embrace the path to peace and support the fight against terrorism in our town and in the province,” stated in the manifesto.

Rajah Buayan town, which has a population of 23,600 based on the 2015 census, is situated in the heart of Maguindanao and near the 220,000-hectare Liguasan Marsh where the BIFF operates and have been sowing terror in civilian communities. 

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