Frankie Pangilinan appeals to Dad Kiko for protest pass: 'I want to go out, scream and fight!'

Frankie Pangilinan / photo courtesy of GMA News Network

As objection against the controversial anti-terror bill also known as House Bill 6875 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 continues to amplifies.

Many celebrities and personalities from different walks of life started to air their rejection on the current bill being discussed in the Congress.

One of these active personalities is no other than Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan's daughter, Frankie Pangilinan who has always been an active critic of the Duterte administration.

In her recent exchange of texts messages with her Dad, she's seems so eager to make her stand against the anti-terror bill into the streets and be heard.

The opposition senator’s daughter was asking for her Dad's permission for her to be allowed to go out and join rallies along side other protesters.

However, Sen. Pangilinan refused, saying she’s already fighting online, there's no need to go out. Frankie has been very active in the social media venting her disgusts against the current administration. 

But Frankie believes, online protests are not the same thing and even used Pangilinan’s history of activism to make her case.
She even jokingly sought the help of the senator’s staff to sway her Dad's decision on her request but to no luck.

Through House Bill No. 6875, the Human Security Act of 2007 will be amended to become stricter which, for one, will exempt law enforcers from liability for illegal detention or failing to present an arrested person before a court within the prescribed period.

The proposed measure also states that any person who threatens to commit terrorism or proposes any terroristic acts or incite others to commit terrorism shall suffer the penalty of 12 years in prison.
The House committees on public order and safety and on defense and security last week adopted the Senate version of the bill, or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 (Senate Bill 1083).

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