To the rescue! Cayetano is mistaken if he thinks ABS CBN can guarantee him victory in 2022- Tiglao

Former Cabinet member Rigoberto Tiglao and Alan Peter Cayetano | Photo from Facebook and Manila Bulletin

Veteran columnist Rigoberto Tiglao thinks something is fishy with House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano’s move to pass a provisional franchise for ABS-CBN.

In his column for the Manila Times on May 15, Tiglao said Cayetano defied President Rodrigo Duterte by authoring House Bill 6732, which will make a way for the Lopez-led network to get on the air until October 31, 2020.

Cayetano’s bill had also passed on second reading on the same day it was filed and tackled by the House, yes, that fast.

“In a move that exploited to the hilt all the powers of the speaker, he himself filed a bill to give ABS-CBN a “provisional franchise” to operate until October, ordered the House to convene to take over the functions of its committee on legislative franchises, and asked for a vote on the passage of his bill —through the very dubious process of yelling  “Aye” or “Nay.”” Tiglao wrote

Tiglao, a former Cabinet member, also suspects who many voted for or against it, as there was no report about it at all.

The columnist cannot help but wonder, if what happened is a kind of camaraderie that the public cannot see between Cayetano and ABS CBN’s major owner, Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez.

Tiglao said Cayetano’s motives were hinted when he lambasted the National Telecommunications Commission and Solicitor General Jose Calida for working on to shutdown ABS CBN.

“Why did he lash out at two of Duterte’s officials so viciously, saying Solicitor General Jose Calida and National Telecommunications Commission head Gamaliel Cordoba will have their “day of reckoning”?  Had he told the Lopezes that he had everything under control, and when Cordoba issued the cease-and-desist order, was he so embarrassed he couldn’t deliver what he promised the oligarch that he vented his anger at the two?” the columnist asked

“Why, at this time indeed when we are in midst of a pandemic, would he  give a 45-minute speech, call House members to meeting which risked their being infected with the coronavirus, and use all the powers of the speakership to pass a law to extend the franchise of a private firm?

“Is the intention to give the oligarch a chance to regroup his forces, probably raise more funds to bribe Congress, and to mount a more powerful PR campaign for its agenda?” Tiglao said

Tiglao also said that Cayetano is wrong if he thinks that depending ABS CBN will get him more votes in 2022.

“If Cayetano thinks his spirited defense of ABS-CBN will endear him to the masses and get him votes in 2022, he is so wrong, obviously thinking that Filipinos are so stupid as to believe the appeals of such ABS-CBN actors as Coco Martin, Kim Chiu and Angel Locsin.” He said

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