Frankie Pangilinan reacts to Anti-Terrorism law: 'my heart feels so weak and i’m so so sorry Pilipinas'

Frankie Pangilinan | Photo from GMA News

Daughter of senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and megastar Sharon Cuneta, Frankie Pangilinan, reacts to the passing of the Anti-Terr0rism law.

Frankie took to Twitter to express her disappointment after the Senate passed Bill No. 1083 also known as The Law on the Prevention of Terrorist Acts of 2020.

In a post, the politiko’s daughter said the government is clearly afraid of its people.

“i just truly have no words this time my heart feels so weak and i’m so so sorry pilipinas.

“takot sila sa atin — nasa atin ang soberanya huwag natin kalimutan. #JunkTerrorBill” the senator’s daughter said

Meanwhile, it seems that Frankie shares the same sentiment as human rights lawyer Chel Diokno who was also against the passing of the Anti-Terr0rism law.

Diokno said that the there are lots of clauses in the said law that are prone to abuses and are also broad.

“SB1083 gives the Anti-Terr0rism Council the power to authorize the prolonged detention of suspects arrested without warrant and to “designate” any person or group they suspect, and subject them to asset freezing. This usurps judicial power.” Diokno said in a tweet.

“Because the power to “designate” and to detain can easily be abused or misused, it should be given only to the courts, not the ATC, since judges are impartial, objective, and independent of the executive branch.” He said

Diokno also said that inciting to terr0rism is like inciting sedition that has jailed a lot of critics of the government.

“SB1083 also creates the crime of “inciting to terrorism” similar to inciting to sedition and inciting to rebellion. Inciting to terrorism, however, is susceptible of broad application.” The human rights lawyer said

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