Former President Noynoy Aquino III breaks silence on ABS-CBN shutdown: 'Duterte created his own unnecessary problem'

Photo courtesy of Philstar and ABS-CBN

Former president Benigno Aquino III finally gave up his silence on the ABS-CBN Shutdown.

Aquino lambasted  President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration over the cease and desist order from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to the largest media network in the country ABS-CBN.

The former president, has sent his opinion to another media source Rappler  through a text message on Wednesday, May 6, vent out his side on the controversial closure. 

According to Aquino this administration only made its own "unnecessary problem."

“This administration has put itself into a corner unnecessarily. If there is a significant and sustained support for the reopening of [ABS-CBN], it will happen,” Aquino said in a text message to Rappler.

He also said, “I won't comment presently lest I help them inadvertently in solving their unnecessary problem." 

During his term as the president of the country, there was no concrete policy or action against the media. 

According to an article of Rappler, There was, a time when Noynoy publicly showed dislike for former Vice President Noli De Castro, and also one of the anchors of ABS-CBN's primtime news, TV Patrol.

Aquino slammed De Casto during the 25th anniversary celebration of the newscast in 2012, who was also present in the event, for allegedly baseless speculations and commentaries against his administration despite De Castro’s own stint in government.

In an exclusive interview with Rappler in July 2017, Aquino admited that he would have wanted to control the media “in all honesty” but instead of a clampdown.

His administration repeatedly "appealed" for fairer media coverage to the media practitioners but he did not force or threatened any of them to shut down. 

Aquino also said that he lamented the media’s “silence” under Duterte's adminitration.

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