Duterte: We will be forever thankful to our health workers, vows to reward them ‘in more tangible way'

Photo courtesy of When in Manila and Good News Pilipinas

Following the televised public address of President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, he commended our health workers for their efforts in the ongoing fight against the spread of Coronavirus aka Covid-19.

The President said how the government was forever thankful to these modern-day heroes and wants to reciprocate their efforts in “a more tangible way.”

He then announced that he will be placing Luzon under enhanced community quarantine until midnight of April 13 to minimize the spread of Covid-19 that has claimed 12 people in our country.
With this, he then ordered the Department of Budget and Management and the Department of Health to find a way to best compensate the country’s health workers.
“Of course, the formalities of our doctors, health professionals, and health workers, to whom we will forever be thankful. In due time, we shall express to them our gratitude in a more tangible way, when this crisis is over,” Duterte mentioned during his public address on Monday.
“In the meantime, I have directed the DBM (Department of Budget and Management) and DOH (Department of Health) to find a way to best compensate our health workers,” he added.

Duterte is asking every citizen a strict home quarantine in every household during the quarantine period. With exceptions to private establishments providing basic necessities like food, medicine, banks, power, energy, water, telecommunications to remain open.
“Lahat po tayo ay sundalo sa digmaang ito. Bata man o matanda, lalaki o babae, bawat Pilipino, anumang estado sa buhay, ay maituturing na sundalo sa digmaan na ito,” Duterte said.
The Covid-19, which started in China late last year, has infected more than 160,000 people and claimed the lives of nearly 6,500 declaring the disease as Pandemic.

The World Health Organization, however, said 80 percent of cases globally showed a high chance of recovery "without needing special treatment.”

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