Pres. Duterte tells Filipinos to stop blaming China over 2019 novel coronavirus: 'Stop sinophobia'

President Rodrigo Duterte 

President Rodrigo Duterte appealed to the Filipinos to stop blaming China for the 2019 novel coronavirus as it continuous to spread around the world.

In a report by Politiko website, President Duterte said to stop anti-China sentiments as it’s nobody’s fault.

“Stop this xenophobia thing. They’re blaming the Chinese na galing sa China. The (novel coronavirus) can always incubate in some other places,” said Duterte in a Palace briefing Monday.

“That is not the fault of anybody. Not of the Chinese, not of the Filipinos, not of anyone. The world has passed on many kind of problem to the generations earlier. We had the flu that killed so many millions in Europe and some other contagion of a lesser scale,” he said

The president also cited that China has been good to the Philippines, the favor must be returned to them at least.

"One is that we have many Filipinos in China. Second is even if there are none, you know, we are a community of nations. We cooperate. China has been kind to us. We can only also show the same favor to them,” he added.

Duterte also assured the public that unlike the severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2003, coronavirus will naturally die even without vaccines.

“Ito matatapos rin ito. But will it worsen in the meantime? Maybe. But you know, the progress of medical science now is far too different of the yesteryears. We have powerful medicines now. Even cancer is treatable now,” the president said

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