Para magkaalaman na! Poe invites Calida to Senate hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise

Sen. Grace Poe and Sol Gen Jose Calida / photos from Google

Senator Grace Poe, chair of Senate public committee has invited Solicitor General Jose Calida to the hearing of ABS CBN’s franchise renewal on Monday, February 24, 2020.

According to Poe, Calida’s presence is important since he filed the quo warranto petition against the media giant before the Supreme Court which seeks to revoke the existing franchise of the network.

“We would like our hearings to remain balanced so we want to get the opinion of both sides,” she said

However, Poe, said Calida has not confirmed yet his attendance to the hearing this Monday.

Calida claimed that ABS CBN violated the terms of its franchise by allegedly allowing foreigners to control the company by issuing Philippine Depositary Receipts (PDRs).

Also, the Kapamilya network allegedly offered a pay-per-view service without authority from the government.

Earlier, Calida has asked the Supreme Court to issue a gag order to stop ABS CBN and its representatives from discussing the quo warranto case.

The solicitor general brought the “very urgent request” to the high court to ban "parties and persons acting on their behalf" from releasing any statements related to the petition as this would violate the sub judice rule, which prohibits anyone from publicly assessing an ongoing case to avoid pre-judgment.

"Verily, inasmuch as ABS-CBN unquestionably directed its statements on the merits of the quo warranto case to influence the public and members of this Honorable Court, this Honorable Court must issue an order prohibiting the parties and persons acting on their behalf from releasing any statements discussing the merits of the subject petition," the Solicitor General said in his plea.

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