Frankie Pangilinan to dad Kiko: "You are brave and honest and true, every single bit of you"

Photos from Pep and Instagram

Frankie, senator Kiko Pangilinan's daughter with megastar Sharon Cuneta posted an inspiring message for his father, saying that her father “has never once wavered” and never sacrificed a portion of himself for ease.

“You have never once wavered. You have never sacrificed even a portion of yourself for ease,” the  19-year-old singer said on Instagram

“And while I wish the burden was lighter, I have learned immensely from your resilience and continued dedication.” Frankie said

“While to some it may appear futile, to you, it has never been worthless. You represent such hope for all Filipinos, even those to or cannot yet see it,” Frankie added.

Pangilinan is one of the opposition senators in the Senate critical of President Rodrigo Duterte's administration.

“You are brave and honest and true, every single bit of you.” the daughter said

Frankie, just like her father, is also outspoken about political issues and against the President.

“People are cruel, the world is beginning to suffocate, and there are most days where the bad seem to heavily outweigh the good.” 

“But if I have learned anything from you, it is the immovable foundations of principles and the strength and motivation which stem from the fight from them,”she wrote

“As the days drag on and my numbness lingers, and as the worldly shadows begin to settle in my still-fresh adult brain, I find there are less and less words to describe how wholly and completely proud I am of you,” Frankie said

Recently, Pangilinan admitted that her daughter has been receiving death threats for being outspoken.

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