Duterte demands Maynilad, Manila Water: Give our money back and let’s talk

President Rodrigo Duterte demands water concessionaires Maynilad and Manila Water to give back the money to consumers over allegedly onerous supply contracts.

In a speech on Thursday before the newly appointed government officials, the President has again warned that water system will be taken over by government if these companies refuse to pay back.

"So where is the money? Where is the money of the Filipino people? Where is the money of the average Filipino na mahirap na magbabayad, who pays his water bill and he has to pay because if it will be cut off, it would give him a lot of headache for the day,” Duterte said

“Iyan ang gusto kong malaman. Saan ang pera ng p***** i** na ‘yan? Give us back the money. Give it back to the people and maybe we can talk about solving your problem. It will not be the problem of this government,” he added.

The president also revealed that owners of Maynilad and Manila Water whom he threatened to charge with economic sabotage and estafa have reached out to him and trying to settle.

“Alam mo, we’re trying to — they’re trying to reach out for a settlement. Let us see how it develops. Talagang galit ako as in galit. Just imagine, in 1957, they were already collecting money from the people to build a — parang ano ‘to? ‘Yung keep — to keep — to give us a potable water or something na hanggang ngayon wala, tapos ‘yung pera nandiyan,” said Duterte

In December 2019, the president warned the two utility firms and their owners, saying their contracts violated Philippine anti-corruption laws.  

"Yang nagtatanong kayo, 'Saan 'yung big fish? Saan 'yung mga corruption? Saan 'yung malalaki?' O i-deliver ko na sa inyo ngayon: si Ayala pati si Pangilinan," Duterte said.

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