As Duterte-style crackdown continues, more Bangladesh drug kingpins surrender

Photo file from Mizzima website showing some Bangladeshi who surrendered in January 2020

Bangladesh authorities reported on Tuesday that dozens of Bangladeshi drug kingpins surrendered in a meth hub along the border with Myanmar as Philippine-like crackdown against violators continue.

Reports said that addiction to “yaba “, a cheap and addictive methamphetamine pill in Bangladesh, has increased in the recent years.

Authorities also said that border towns have become the hotpots for trafficking as Rohingya refugees, who fled Myanmar in 2017, turned into smuggling as they try to earn and make ends meet.

Late Monday, police said that some 21 smugglers from Teknaf-- a major transit point used by dealers to bring in tens of millions of yaba pills from Myanmar's border states surrendered.

"I welcome those who surrender today because we will not let any drug dealers sleep in peace," says regional police chief Golam Faruk on Monday during a ceremony.

The drug kingpins also surrendered thousands of yaba pills and weapons as they swear to public that they would never smuggle and sell drugs again.

Due to increasing addiction rate in the said country, Bangladesh adopted the Filipino-style anti-drug campaign.

Just like in the Philippines, the said crackdown earned criticisms among rights and activist groups.

Activists claimed that many were killed in staged confrontations, where police execute unarmed suspects and later claim it as self-defense.

The illegal drugs crackdown in Bangladesh made 102 yaba traders surrender to the country's home minister last February, reports said.

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