Makabayan solon: Teachers will not tolerate Marcos historical revisionism’

Photo courtesy of Rappler and ABS-CBN

Rep. France Castro from ACT Teachers party-list said on Saturday that they disapprove the proposal of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos to revise history books to present a more favorable picture of his father, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“Teachers will not allow a revision of history books and rewrite it as if the Marcos era was all good, no injustice and corruption when in fact history already judged him as a plunderer, murderer, fascist and criminal,” the Makabayan representative said.

“The Marcoses have several sins to the people especially to the education sector,” Castro added.

“Most of the problems faced by schools such as low budgets, lack of facilities, large class sizes, and other perennial problems were brought by Marcos or worsened during his reign, so we cannot condone the rehabilitation of his image nor that of his family. Until now, we are still paying the foreign debts,” she said.

The Party-list Rep mentioned the Education Act which Marcos enacted in 1982.

“This law started the privatization in the education sector and subjected the youth’s right to profit-orientation,”ACT Techer party-list rep Castro added.

“Foreign debts that mostly were plundered by the Marcoses resulted to compounded problems in terms of finances. Because of it, every administration after Marcos up to President Duterte had been prioritizing the debt servicing rather than allocating the highest budget to the education as mandated by the 1987 Constitution,” she said.

“Revising the history books to rehabilitate the image of the Marcos family would mean we would be nullifying the sacrifices of those who lived and died fighting tyranny and plunder,” Castro said.

“It denies justice to the countless who were tortured, murdered, and disappeared in the name of Marcos and his dictatorship, and the entire Filipino nation whose democracy and economy it trampled,” she added.

“It is our responsibility and is very important for us to teach the youth the lessons of true, and unrevised history and be able to use critical thinking and guided analysis to make sure that we not allow fascism and state terrorism to pervade,” Castro said.

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