Kahit walang tulong ni Sabio! De Lima: 'The fight against Duterte continues!'

Attorney Jude Sabio “betrayed” thousands of suspected drug personalities who were summarily killed under the Duterte government’s war on drugs, says Senator Leila De Lima.

On January 14, CNN Philippines reported that Sabio is retracting the complaint he filed against President Rodrigo Duterte in the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the tribunal said would not have any impact at all to its ongoing assessment.

Sabio on Tuesday signed the affidavit saying that he intends to withdraw the 77 page document called a “communication” by the International Criminal Court (ICC), where he alleged in April 2017 the “continuing mass murder” in the Philippines.

The lawyer said the complaint should be set aside and trashed because it was being used by Rodrigo Duterte’s critics for political propaganda.

I will send by email later my letter-withdrawal that I executed today addressed to Prosecutor Bensouda regarding my intention to withdraw my earlier International Criminal Court (ICC) communication,” Attorney Sabio said in a statement sent to CNN Philippines. 

He added that he will submit it personally to Bensouda’s office in The Hague anytime soon.

With his, De Lima condemned Sabio’s decision not to pursue the communication he filed before the ICC concerning Duterte’s alleged human rights violation.

Attorney Sabio may have fallen, but the fight continues without him and in spite of his betrayal of the victims,” the detained senator said on Wednesday

I feel sorry for Attorney Sabio. I can understand that he is going through personal issues that forced him to turn his back on the cause of the victims of mass atrocities,” She added

 “Whatever is the true reason for such an awful move, Attorney Sabio has become very vulnerable to the machinations from the dark forces.” She said

“I’m pretty sure there are forces, desperate ones, behind this development, “the opposition senator said.

De Lima, one of Duterte’s critics, said that there are still other communications presented before the ICC about the alleged human rights crimes committed under the current administration.

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