Huli sa akto! Customs examiner nabbed for accepting bribe

A Bureau of Customs (BOC) examiner James Zuno Caringal, was arrested by operatives of the BOC’s intelligence group for allegedly accepting bribes on Friday, January 24, 2020.

Caringal, a long-time examiner of the bureau and reportedly a nephew of former state prosecutor Jovencito Zuno, was nabbed at his desk inside the composite warehouse in Paranaque.

According to reports, while National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is conducting the entrapment, Caringal’s supervisor Norsarem Raymond Mamao, was at the office.

Mamao, who was identified by Senator Panfilo Lacson as one of the corrupt officials inside BOC, told Caringal to “just be cool” while the latter was being apprehended.

Reportedly, NBI agents arrested Caringal after he was seen putting P20,000 bribe money inside his drawer.
It is said that Caringal had been an employee of BOC for 19 years.

Meanwhile, state prosecutor Zuno visited his nephew while at NBI’s custody but did not ask for any special favors for Caringal.

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