6-year-old daughter of NJ fireman saves whole family from devastating house fire

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Avenel Fire Department

AVENEL, New Jersey – A family of four could have been charred if it were not to the 6-year-old daughter, who leaped into action and woke up her mom and dad to save them after a fire broke out in their New Jersey home early Sunday morning.

Madalyn Karlbon woke up because of a smoke detector in her home went off, only to find the building was already on fire last Sunday, Jan. 19, according to Avenel Fire Department’s Facebook post yesterday, Jan. 20.

The six-year old’s father, Jimmy Karlbon, a current firefighter and former chief of the Avenel Fire Department in New Jersey, was so impressed with his daughter smart, quick-thinking reaction and presence of mind.

Jimmy narrates how her daughter woke up to the sound of an activated smoke detector, saw the smoke and immediately ran to awake her dad and alert him of the fire.

"I remember my daughter screaming, 'Daddy, the house is on fire, the house is on fire,'" Jimmy Karlbon said. "I didn't hear the smoke detectors. I didn't hear nothing. All I heard was, 'The house is on fire.'"

The smoke detector went off just after 2 a.m. and Madalyn was the only one who woke up to the piercing sound of the alarm and the smoke was hurting her eyes and throat.

"I tried to wake up mommy," Madalyn said. "And then I called daddy's name, and daddy woke up Hunter and mommy."

Jimmy Karlbon can still recall the moment when he heard his daughter’s scream during the fire.

"When she was screaming, I remember waking up and upstairs was full of smoke already," Jimmy said.

"Couldn't even see where Madalyn even was. I grabbed Hunter. Madalyn was on the stairs. I grabbed Madalyn, put them on the front porch. I said, 'Stay here, where is mommy?' 'Mommy is on the couch.'" Karlbon addrd

Although the flames had claimed most of the family’s belongings, they are still very thankful that they are safe and alive.

"Madalyn, it goes without saying how bright and smart of a girl you are," one Facebook post went on to say.

 "This morning proved that!! You recognized danger immediately and were able to assist in getting everyone out of the house before the fire got worse. To say all of us here at the Avenel Fire Department is so proud of you is an understatement."

The house was considered uninhabitable, the Karlbons have been temporarily relocated to a hotel until the necessary procedures are completed.

According to the Avenel Fire Department's Facebook post, they have gathered together to set up a fundraiser to collect donations for the family.

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