The inspirational yet sad story of the LET passer who died a day after taking the exam

Photo Credit: Facebook/Jam Jam

Among the 83,000 who passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) was a sad yet inspiring story of Jessa Ganigan, who died a day after the release of LET results.

Jessa Bustinera Ganigan was an aspiring teacher from La Union. She was born and raised as the eldest child of Angelo and Melody Ganigan.

The family was leading a provincial life as her parents were just a simple farmer and housewife.

It was on June 2018, while Jessa was focusing on review for the exams when she was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure Stage 5 and was admitted to the hospital. Albeit the woes of her parents, Jessa continued to pursue her dreams despite struggling with her health. 

She undergone numerous dialysis treatment and was even admitted in intensive care unit. But she was still able to attain her baccalaureate degree, and furthermore, attend review sessions for LET every week for four months.

After three months of waiting, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced the results of LET. Although she was bedridden in the hospital, Jessa celebrated her success with her family and friends. 
Photo Credit: Facebook/Jam Jam

An observer captured a heartwarming moment when a bedridden Jessa was looking up to a tarpaulin made to congratulate her for her success. She expressed her gratitude to CBRC, where she attended her review classes, for boosting her motivation to ace the exam.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Sadly, her family regretfully informed everyone through Facebook that Jessa wasn’t able to further pursue her dream as she succumbed to her illness and passed away the next day after the announcement of the result. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Nonetheless, her inspiring story of determination and conviction would be embedded to those who knew of her.

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