Nakakaiyak! PRRD welcomes 5-year old 'friend' fighting leukemia in his home in Davao City

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Johanne Bernice Guirgen Wong

Davao City - President Rodrigo Duterte has always a soft spot for children especially kids with serious illnesses.

It has been the President’s tradition to visit care centers and hospitals that have children patients battling with serious conditions especially on this special season.

Spending time and giving Christmas gifts to cancer-stricken children when he was still the Mayor of Davao City and even now that he is the President of the country.

And it seems that a child’s Christmas will be merrier after President Duterte welcomed a child fighting leukemia in his home in his hometown in Davao City.

Meet Jacob Wong, a five-year-old boy from Davao City, battling Leukemia for years and is dreaming of meeting President Duterte one day.

That dream came true after Duterte welcomed Jacob and his parents, and gave Jacob a gift, two miniature motorcycles, a DU30 cap, and his caricature.

“I would do anything for a child,” the Chief executive said in a video posted by Jacob’s father on his Facebook.

Jacob’s father also posted pictures of Jacob and President Duterte doing the president’s pose and smiling together.

Jacob’s mother shared a precious moment with caption, “Christmas came early this year. Thank you so much, Mr. President, for welcoming us in your humble home. #PRRD #DuterteFever #TeamSuperJacob #FightLeukemia #GloryToGod,”.

Netizens were touched with this heart-warming moment with Jacob and the President:
 "so heartfelt by our Beloved President... Very grounded person.... Get well soon jacob... Embrace"

"Nakahilak ko best.. pwede ko ishare? Thank you po President Duterte! You are heavensent to us! May our good Lord grant you and Jacob healthier and amazing years ahead! We Love you both!"
"Makahilak Touched kaayo ko sa imong kabuotan president Digong. Wa gyud paglubad. Praying for your fast recovery jacob. Godbless you"
"PRRD in his purest form, a very loving tatay of the Philippines, Merry Christmas Jacob get well love, I will also pray for you.Merry Christmas sa lahat"

The President always spends Christmas in his hometown in Davao City through a simple celebration with his family and friends.

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