"Justice is Coming" Trillanes: ICC probe will be finished by 2020, Duterte can’t protect cops and himself

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“Justice is coming. To the members of the PNP who have been a part of the EJKs, you would have to make a decision on whether you would fall with Duterte on being liable for crimes against humanity, or you would partly cleanse your crime by being a witness for the ICC prosecutors,” Trillanes wrote on his Twitter.

This was the statement made by Former Senator Antonio Trillanes after the International Criminal Court (ICC) reported plans to complete by next year its preliminary inquiry into the extra judicial killings brought about by the drug war.

Trillanes asked policemen, who took part in the alleged killings, to testify against Duterte before he steps down from his office in 2022.

The ICC is expected to finish by 2020 its preliminary examination of the complaint filed against President Duterte before the international tribunal over the drug war killing.

“Now, let me point out the obvious, as Duterte steps down from office in just a little over 2 years, he would not be able to protect you. In fact, even Duterte won’t be able to protect himself,” The Duterte fierce critic said.

When the preliminary examination is finished, the ICC Prosecutor can decide whether or not there is a need to open an investigation against Duterte and his bloody anti-drug campaign.

The ICC's conduct of preliminary examination stems from a complaint filed by lawyer Jude Sabio in May 2017 accusing the President of committing crimes on drug-war related killings which have reached thousands of death.

The drug-war related killings which has reached beyond 10,000 based on the tally of both local and international human rights groups.

Source: Politiko

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