De Lima: Duterte wants to shame Robredo, putting all the blame of his failures to someone else

Senator Leila De Lima and Vice President Leni Robredo / file photo from ABS CBN

Opposition senator Leila De Lima believes that President Rodrigo Duterte is giving Vice President Leni Robredo the position to become the “drug czar” is to shame her.

In a statement disparched from her cell, De Lima said that Duterte's offer to Robredo was the "saddest and stupidest things this administration has churned out lately."

The detained senator said that the President would also want to “create the narrative of putting all the blame of his failures to someone else, instead of admitting that he lied about winning the drug war, despite killing thousands of people.”

De Lima's comment came after the President dared Robredo to lead the government’s campaign against drugs as "czar".

"I pity you, Mr. Duterte. Realization of your failures must have woken you up in cold sweat many times. To shake it off, you resort to tactics as low as this; as reminiscing your supposedly run-and-gun glory days as Mayor while riding big motorcycles at the MalacaƱang grounds probably doesn't calm you down. You must be agonizing…" said De lima

Earlier, Robredo's spokesman Atty. Barry Gutierrez, said that the vice president is not happy to being made as a “scapegoat” of the President's  failed solemn promise of ending the illegal drugs in the country

"What she will not stand for is being made a scapegoat for all the shortcomings of the “drug war” for the past three and a half years. This admin made the impossible promise to end crime and drugs in six months, and if they are now being called to account for their failure to deliver, they should not blame VP Leni for it,” Gutierrez said

“Handa naman laging tumulong si VP Leni. Mula noon hanggang ngayon. Kung humihingi na ng saklolo ang Pangulo sa usapin ng “drug war,” daanin lang sana sa maayos na usapan — hindi sa text, hindi sa palabas sa media,” he said.

Source: Inquirer

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