Barzaga: Duterte's drug war has better policies than the past presidents. the bold and the brave President!

President Rodrigo Duterte/photo courtesy of Facebook

President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial anti-drugs campaign has been by far the most successful than any previous anti-illegal drugs programs of any previous administration says Cavite Representative Elpidio “Pidi” Barzaga Jr.
“In comparison with the records of all the previous presidents regarding their accomplishment in solving the drug problem in the country, the performance of President Rodrigo Duterte is much more successful” said Barzaga.

For Rep. Barzaga, the chief executive is the first President to expose a list of names of narco-politicians ranging from congressmen to mayors, as well as some members of the judiciary and those rogue police officers also known as ninja generals and cops.

“It is a bold and brave move of the President to make such public declaration considering that drug problem is a complicated social problem involving powerful syndicates,” Barzaga added.

Barzaga even mentioned the President’s 78 percent “very good” satisfaction rating during the third quarter survey of pollster Social Weather Station (SWS) that “largely reflects the accomplishment of his war on drugs which is the centerpiece of his administration.”

“This rating is exceptional considering that performance ratings of former presidents typically decline after the first half of their term,” said Barzaga.

The veteran lawmaker also noted June 22 to 26 the survey conducted by the SWS where 82 percent of Filipinos still, remain satisfied with the government’s drive against illegal drugs.

“Indeed, President Duterte has started a radical leadership that targets even the hardest and seemingly unending problem of illegal drugs,” Barzaga added.

Barzaga admired the notable performance of Duterte during difficulties to which every public elected officials are put through, for the President, it is not what the critics would say nor the allies but what the public would consider on the war on drugs.
“With the acceptability of the general public, being an indicative barometer, President Duterte has indeed passed with flying colors his war on drugs,” Barzaga said.

Source: Politiko

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