Trillanes: Kidnapping complainant lied 12 times in her own affidavit, seeks dismissal of case

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes / photo from ABS CBN

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes on Tuesday questioned the credibility of  Davao-based businesswoman Guillermina Barrido as he denied anew the kidnapping allegations against him.
In his counter-affidavit, Trillanes stressed that Barrido, also known as Guillermina Arcillas lied 12 times in her own complaint.

"The very evidence presented by Ms. Barrido, as well as other testimonies and evidence on record clearly and indubitably show and prove that Ms. Barrido repeatedly lied and/or made material misrepresentations in her claims and/or allegations in her affidavit and/or her sworn statement, and is unfit to be a witness," Trillanes' counter-affidavit read, as reported by ABS CBN News

In her complaint, Bafrrido claimed that she was detained and kidnapped in a convent from December 6 to 21, 2016 and barred her from leaving and force her to sign a ready-made affidavit slandering President Rodrigo Duterte.

The complainant recounted that she was fetched by a service vehicle between the Convent of Cannussian Sisters in Makati City to the Holy Spirit Convent in Quezon City for two weeks.

Aside from Trillanes,  Fr. Albert Alejo, lawyer Jude Sabio and a certain Sister Ling of the Cannussian Sisters convent were also included in the charge sheet along with other unidentified persons.

Barrido also claimed that she met  Trillanes 8 times in 2016, first of which was on November 15, 2016 at a restaurant in Pasay.

As his defense, the former senator showed a certification issued by the immigration that he was out of the country from November 16 to 26 in 2016.

“I have never ever met or seen Ms. Barrido before, nor have I ever spoken or in any way communicated or corresponded with her before,” Trillanes said in his counter-affidavit
He also pointed out that in photographs that Barrido submitted as supposed proof of kidnapping, "in  almost  all  the  said  pictures, Ms. Barrido  and [her] companions were all smiling and seemingly enjoying themselves." Trillanes said

“[T]he mental image that comes to mind is that of a spineless, gutless, remorseless cold-blooded creature who has no moral compass, and no compunction, no hesitation nor shame which could restrain her, and who would do anything to achieve her objectives and/or gets what she wants,” he said

With this, Trillanes seeks to dismiss the complaint against him.

Source: ABS CBN

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