Nicole Barretto accuses aunt Gretchen of stealing Atong Ang from her: 'my own aunt stole my boyfriend'

Gretchen Barretto (right) to niece Nicole Barretto (left)

The Barreto sisters are making headlines because of the family drama that started during the wake of their father, Miguel Alvir Barreto.

Earlier reports said that one of Gretchen Barreto’s nieces, named Nicole even attacked her.

According to a report by KAMI, Nicole Barreto denied attacking her aunt as she claimed that she was only trying to get Gretchen away from Marjorie after the two fought.

"I did not attack her. She and her boyfriend attacked my aunt and i carried her to the other side so that she won't hurt tita marj." Nicole said on her comment in response to a netizen.

"She kicked me countless of times and even after i got away and was about to exit the chapel, she sprinted to me and pulled my hair so hard i almost fell to the floor. If somebody did not catch me, my skull would've have been broken."  

Nicole also bared that she went to the US to move on from what Gretchen and Atong Ang did to her.

"I just want to inform you that I wasn't thrown to the states. I was there to move on from what gretchen and atong did to me. I'm stating the fact that my own aunt stole my boyfriend." She said

This revelation of Nicole drawn mixed reactions from netizens; here are some.

“Selos pala ang dahilan hihi iba din ang hidwaan nila mgtita kala ko kumampi ky Marjorie my sariling istorya pala siya hihi”

"Ang tagal maglabas ng statement ! Kaya kay Gretchen ako palagi eh, kapag may sinabi yung other camp , maya maya may sagot na sya! She do not waste time. Laban kung laban . Ang her statements are always consistent."

"I doubt think Gretchen stole Atong from Nicole. Atong and Tony Boy are friends and business mates, ang sama naman kung ganon. Feeling ko tuloy, tinalo ni Atong si Gerald. Instead of watching Netflix, dito muna ako sa awayang Barrettos and learn some lessons like beauty is really nothing without substance, no amount of kaartehan can cover nasty attitude, teach tour children good values while they are still young and they will never depart from them. Taking out the popcorn. YAY!"

"Maraming nakakita doon na siya ang umatake kay Gretchen."

Source: Fashion Pulis, KAMI

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