Manny Pacquiao scores a knockout at Oxford, tells students no EJKs in PH

Manny Pacquiao meets Oxford Union members before delivering a speech at a packed auditorium last Monday / photo from Philstar

Manila, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxing icon and sitting senator, spoke before the famous Oxford Union in the United Kingdom on Monday.

Pacquiao, in an open forum after a speech at the Oxford University denied that there are EJK in the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s fight against illegal drugs.

The senator said that many suspects ended up getting kiIled because they chose to fight back with arresting officers.

Education in the Open University of Life

In his speech, the boxing icon described himself as “respectful underdog” against those who have spoken before him.

“I have fought some of the best fighters in history. And yet I have to admit, as I stand before you, I am intimidated when I think of the kind of main event headliners who faced you over the years; Sir Winston Churchill, American Presidents (Ronald) Reagan (Richard) Nixon and (Jimmy) Carter, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama and Sir Elton John,” Pacquiao said

“When I received your gracious invitation, I asked myself, ‘what could I talk about that could possibly interest you? What could Manny Pacquiao say that would be of any impact, much more utility, to the men and women who enjoy the highest standards of instruction at Oxford?’” he added

“The answer came fast: I know what I should speak about, something very few among you can claim to know about: my education, certainly non-traditional, non-formal, largely unstructured. I will call it my education in the Open University of Life.” Pacquiao added

Determination is a power tool

Pacquiao then caught the attention of his audience as he tells his story.

“We were dirt poor. I had to work since the age of five, to help my mother feed my three siblings and me.  Many days, I was lucky to have one full meal,” said the boxing superstar

 “On days when we had no food I would drink lots of water just to fill my stomach. But my mind and spirit were never hungry. I read anything I could get my hands on,” he said.

“I even read the newspaper that my lunch or dinner came wrapped in… I would read the labels on the carton boxes that served as my bed on the street pavement.” Pacquiao continued

A mesmerizing story of someone who came from ‘rags to riches’, as many calls it, using the boxing sport as ticket out of poverty. He earned hundreds of millions as he fight.

“Think of David and Goliath. Look at me. I am not very big and I never had five smooth stones to throw at any obstacle, but determination Is a power tool. I won a lot fights,” Pacquiao said

A fighter inside and outside of the ring

The senator also expressed that he does not only fight inside the ring, but also outside – as he fight to live.

“I am a fighter, not just because it is my profession. I was a fighter long before I first set foot in a boxing ring.  All my life I have fought to live. Every single day in my youth, I fought for survival,” he said.

Ending up his speech, Pacquiao reminded everyone that hard work and persistence will set you free from poverty, but it is faith that will take you to the top.

“Dreams do come true. Being poor does not mean one must die poor. Hard work and persistence will set you free from the shackles of poverty. But it is faith that will take you to the very top,” he said

 Source: PhilstarABS CBN

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