Kwentong barbero lang? Saguisag dares Isko to name the briber who tried to pay him with P5M a day

Former Senator Rene Saguisag and  Mayor Isko Moreno/photo courtesy of Politiko and Rappler

Former Senator Rene Saguisag was not amazed at all when Manila Mayor Isko Moreno turned down a bribe offer of P5 million a day in exchange for stopping his plan to eradicate illegal vendors in Divisoria.

Mayor Isko showed off about how he turned down an offer ranging from P5 million a day to P1.8 billion a year in exchange to drop his promise to get vendors out of the main roads of Manila days after he took post as the new Manila Mayor..

Meanwhile, Saguisag wanted Moreno to name the alleged person who attempted to bribe him three months after Moreno held office.

“Yorme’s duty is to denounce and prosecute, not brag but condone criminality. To me, that was so trapo-ish. Kumita na po ‘yan — such exercise of bragging rights is Jurassic. It seems to me what he should have done was to entrap the briber manqué. Or at the least denounce him or her by name and see what happens.” Saguisag said.
For Yorme, it ain’t braggin’ if he can back it up. As of today, it is only his self-serving anecdote we have. Kwentong barbero? Who is he protecting?” said Saguisag in his Manila Times column.

“I discern a case of dereliction of duty. Article 208 of the Revised Penal Code punishes any public officer “who, in dereliction of the duties of his office, shall maliciously refrain from instituting prosecution for the punishment of violators of the law, or shall tolerate the commission of the offense,” Saguisag added.

Rene Saguisag is a well known human rights lawyer and a former senator from 1987 until 1992. He also became a spokesman for then president elect Corazon Aquino beginning on January 22, 1986.

Source: Politiko

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