Humanda kayo! Duterte to get rid of ‘ninja cops’ once back in PH, "Ubusin ko talaga itong mga p.i. na ‘to,”

President Rodrigo Duterte / photo file (ctto)

President Rodrigo Duterte issued a serious warning to police officers known as “ninja cops” while still on his official visit to Russia.

Duterte said he would beat up rogue cops when he gets back to the Philippines, during his speaking engagement before the Filipino community in Russia on Saturday.

“Meron akong ninja ngayon pag-uwi ko talagang upakan ko itong mga p**** i**** pulis na ‘to. Ay… ‘Yang tawag nilang ninja. ‘Yung talagang nagdodroga ang mga g***. They are now — they are now or they were identified and well, tapos na ang Congress nag-investigate,” according to the President.

The chief executive vowed to get rid of police officers who are involved in illegal drugs and other forms of corruption before his term ends

“Pero anyway, before I — ito igarantiya. Before my term ends, I have two years and so many months left. Ubusin ko talaga itong mga p***** i** na ‘to,” he added.

“Basta ako, galit talaga ako sa mga y*wa na ‘yan,” he further said.

In previous reports, President Duterte revealed that two generals are still involved in the illegal drug trade.

“And right now, even as I fly here and go back. There are about again two generals who are still playing with drugs. And I said, ‘Well, I told you do not destroy my country because it is being flooded with drugs’,” Duterte said at the forum of the Valdai in Sochi.

Duterte’s remarks came as allegations of drug recycling pressured the Philippine National Police. He earlier said he would let Senate finish its probe before deciding on the fate of Police chief, Gen. Oscar Albayalde.

Source: Politiko

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