How does Robredo know drug war is a failure? Is she in touch with El Chapo?- says Locsin

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. and Vice President Leni Robredo / Photo file from GMA News

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., once again slams Vice President Leni Robredo about her comment that government should stop its war against illegal drugs.

In a recent tweet, Locsin wrote: “How does she know it isn’t working? Is she in touch with… El Chapo? Who else can tell the war’s going well or badly?”

“I wanted to make a case for declaring victory but she says it’s a clearly a defeat. So clearly we must fight on. Never say surrender; just go on saying die,” he said.

Earlier, Robredo said President Rodrigo Duterte should permit the United Nations to investigate his war on drugs, and stop a deadly campaign which she described as 'failure'.

According to Robredo, Duterte's war against narcos tainted the country's international image.

"We ask ourselves, 'why is this still happening?'. The president has already made very serious threats to drug syndicates, to drug lords ... and yet it's still very prevalent, so obviously, it's not working," Robredo said in an interview, says ABS CBN report

"We have seen a lot of police that have abused their powers and not been penalized. So this is where the International Criminal Court (ICC) could come in if we do not show the world that we can take care of our own mess." she said

"The lives of our people are on the line and the dignity of our country is on the line, but my first call is for our government to take care of the mess." She added

Source: Politiko, ABS CBN

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