Hilbay to Duterte: Why not just surrender the presidency by resigning? 'Subukan natin...'

Pilo Hilbay and President Rodrigo Duterte/photo courtesy of SCMP

Manila, Philippines - Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay has posted in his twitter as a reaction to the recent comment of President Duterte that he would give Vice President Leni Robredo a chance to lead the government’s campaign against illegal drugs for six months.
The former Otso deretso senatorial candidate dares President Duterte to simply resign after he offered to give his law enforcement powers to Vice President Leni Robredo for six months.

“Why not just surrender the presidency by resigning? Subukan natin,” Hilbay tweeted.

He was commenting on the President’s declaration to let Robredo use his law enforcement power following Robredo's remark about the war on drugs.

As a response to that, the chief executive said he would even pass on to Robredo the responsibility of being a drug czar if she wants.

Ngayon mas marunong ka man sa akin I’ll hand in to you full powers sa drugs. I’ll give you six months. Tignan natin kung kaya mo,” Duterte told Robredo during a speech in MalacaƱang on Monday.

Duterte issued the statement at the oath-taking ceremony of government officials, responding to Robredo’s criticism of his administration’s violent war on drugs.

“I am sending a letter to her through (Executive) Secretary (Salvador) Medialdea. I will surrender my powers to enforce the law, ibigay ko sa Vice President. Ibigay ko six months, siya magdala, tingnan natin kung ano mangyari,” the President said.

Robredo earlier criticized how the administrations controversial drug war has failed. She even suggested to make adjustments or better yet just stop the anti-drug campaign per se.

Source: Politiko

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