Hilbay slams PRD: 5-minute Cubao to Makati travel? Duterte can fly over EDSA via new jet

Former solicitor general Florin Hilbay and President Rodrigo Duterte / photo file (ctto)

Recently, the worsening traffic condition in Metro Manila has been the subject of criticisms being thrown at President Duterte’s administration.

Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay has once again taken a swipe at President Rodrigo Duterte saying the latter could beat monstrous EDSA traffic with his with his brand new jet while Filipinos endure the traffic.

“Remember when Pres. Duterte declared that travel from Makati to Cubao will be reduced to 5 mins? He was referring to himself, flying over EDSA via 2 billion peso jet purchased w our money.” Hilbay said in a tweet.

“Habang ang mamamayan ay naghihirap sa trapik.” The former senatorial candidate added

Meanwhile, It has been reported earlier that the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is purchasing a high-end twin-engine business jet estimated to be worth $36,999,916 million, or around P2 billion, for the official trips of President Duterte and other military VIPs.

The report was also confirmed by Department of National Defense (DND) spokesperson Arsenio Andolong as he revealed that it is expected to be delivered to the PAF by August 2020.

The Manila Star also learned that Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana approved the acquisition of the business jet in November last year.

Adolong defended the purchase of the high-end jet saying that it could also be used by government leaders in the event of major crisis situation, and it will be functioning as an “airborne command post.”

“It will carry senior leaders so it’s designed to be a little more comfortable but it’s premium is its speed and capability to land on short runways which cannot be done by our other aircrafts at the moment,” he stressed.

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