Gretchen Barretto reveals Nicole’s obsession with Atong Ang after wake feud, "Nilako ng nanay, naghahabol kahit may anak!'

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The never-ending allegations thrown at each by the Barretto sisters has been the hot topic on the social media.

Gretchen Barretto recently accused by one of her nieces, Nicole Barreto for stealing her then-boyfriend Atong Ang.

Gretchen posted a series of Instagram stories on Saturday (October 19), as her reactions to the claims of her niece Nicole Barretto on what started the squabble between the two of them at her fathers wake.

A conversation between Nicole and a netizen, about the altercation between her and her tita Gretchen, Nicole denied she was first to attack.

“She (Gretchen) and her boyfriend attacked my aunt and i carried to her to the other side so that she won’t hurt tita marj,” Nicole said, referring to Gretchen’s estranged sister, Marjorie.

Nicole claimed her tita Gretchen kicked her “countless of times and even after I got away and was about to exit the chapel, she sprinted to me and pulled my hair so hard i almost fell to the floor.”

“If somebody did not catch me, my skull would’ve been broken,” she said.

“I’m stating the fact that my own aunt stole my boyfriend. The next travels to the states was for my education. Since I do have an education and finished a doctorate,” she added.

Nicole, said she went to the United States to study “after what Gretchen and Atong did to me.”

Then Gretchen posted screenshots of her niece’s reply with their comments. Claiming that she stole Atong Ang, the known gambling lord, said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I was told that Nicole stole atong from her aunt Claudine.”

“I was told by Atong nilako si Nicole sa akin ng nanay niya,” Gretchen added.

Gretchen further explained the altercation between her and her pamangkin, “You wanted to hurt me, not protect Marjorie. Dont fool yourself.” She told Nicole.

“You just gave birth & youu have a boyfriend & yet, hinahabol mo a cliente mong si Atong,” she said.

Gretchen added that, “Dada,” presumably referring to Ang, will make his statement and will address Nicole’s version of what happened at the wake.

Atong Ang was with Gretchen when they visited Miguel’s wake at the Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig City on October 16.

Gretchen told Nicole to stop trying “to be a Bea Alonzo” and portraying herself as the victim.”
“I only attacked you to defend myself. you made a mistake by doing so. I am trained to protect myself,” she said.
 “Ask your mom to find you a new wealthy man to hire you,” she said.

As a parting shot, Gretchen called her niece a “con artist.” 

Nicole, the daughter of Gretchen’s brother Joaquin "Jay-Jay" Barretto.

Source: Politiko

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