Gretchen Barretto dares an intriguing ‘challenge’ to Marjorie about father of her last child

Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto/photo courtesy of Pinterest and GMA

The issue with the Barretto sisters especially the issue between Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto is getting worse because of their unending exchange of posts on social media.

Both of them have been very vocal about the recent fight that happened at their father’s wake even in the presence of President Duterte.

Currently, Gretchen Barretto has an intriguing reaction to the recent comment of her sister Marjorie Barretto about the heavy controversy that they are facing right now.

The issue became even worse since the two celebrities continue to express intriguing and even hurtful messages on their respective social media accounts.

 With the recent post of Marjorie, Gretchen was able to quote her sister about the issue of “telling the truth” and who to blame if anything bad happens to her family.

“Yes, I’m taking that direction now, in telling the truth, so that if anything happens to me and my loved ones, you would all know who did it to us,” Marjorie said.

The former “Princess and I” nemesis took a screenshot of her sister’s comment and decided to share it on her Instagram story.

She dared if her younger sister will also be brave enough to expose to the public the name of the father of her last child.

The said intriguing post of the eldest Barretto went viral, in fact, many netizens admitted they want to hear the response of Marjorie to the “challenge” of her ate Gretchen.

“Will she also admit to all who the father of her last child after denying for many years,” Gretchen wrote.

In a previous article by KAMI, Marjorie responded to a social media user who bravely lectured her after the scuffle at her dad’s wake.

Gretchen Barretto is an award-winning showbiz personality in the Philippines. She is the common-law partner of wealthy businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco.

Source: Politiko

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