Gawin na nilang 3 years! Kiko dares Duterte to give Robredo 3 years instead of 6-month law enforcement challenge

Senator Francis Pangilinan/photo courtesy of People's Journal and Diaryo Bomba

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan has something to say on President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration that he will surrender  his authority to Vice President Leni Robredo of the country's law enforcement for six months.

“Bakit naman 6 months lang? Gawin na nilang three years (Why only six months? They should make it three years),”  Pangilinan wrote in his Facebook Monday night.

Pangilinan’s statement came after the President said he would turn over to Robredo his law enforcement powers, particularly on his anti drug campaign since he assumed as the President of our country

“(Six) months? Eh sila nga 3 taon ng nakaupo wala pa rin nahuhuling drug lord o kinukulong na opisyal ng BOC (Bureau of Customs) sa tonetoneladang pinalusot  na shabu sa Customs (Only six months? In their 3 years in office, no drug lords have been caught or Custom officials jailed over the tons of shabu smuggled into the country),” Pangilinan said.

"3 years na nilang hawak ang law enforcement so dapat lang 3 years din ang ibigay na oras para fair!"  he added.

"Yung mga Ninja Cops na sangkot sa iligal na droga binigyan pa ng pinakamataas na pwesto sa PNP (Philippine National Police). Hindi naman patas ang usapan kapag 6 months lang. Dapat maging patas. Gawing 3 years para fair (Those ninja cops involved in illegal drugs are even given the highest position in the police force. It’s not fair if it will only be for six months. Make it three years).” Pangilinan said.

Pangilinan added, if in case VP Robredo take the lead of law enforcement in the country, daily killings of poor Filipinos under the drug war would end.

“Wala (na) ang araw araw na patayan ng mahihirap nating mga kababayan habang mga ninja cops at sindikato ay binibigyan ng mataas na posisyon, pinalalaya dahil sa gcta (good conduct time allowance) o inaabswelto (There will no longer be daily killings involving the poor while errant policemen and drug lords are assigned to juicy posts and freed under the GCTA).”

The Liberal Party President also said that with Rodredo’s leadership, the Philippines will no longer be submissive to China.

In earlier reports, the Vice President criticized that the government’s campaign against drugs, that it “is not working,” and that it’s about time to be reassessed.

She said in an interview with international news agency Reuters last Wednesday, that the Duterte administration needs to halt its “failed” drug war.

But later on, denounce how the media manipulate her statements, she then clarifies that she only urged the president to “tweak” his strategy but not completely halt the drug war.

Source: GMA News

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