From mops to gavels: Janitress successfully turned into a judge

Daraga, Albay Judge Ave Alba / photo from ABS CBN News

Stories of success always give positivity, and strength for others to move forward, to surpass insurmountable challenges that life has to offer and to make their own life better.

Every successful Filipino has an origin; each is a story of hope, courage and positivism that provides inspiration to her fellowmen.

Hardships at an early age

One of which is the story of Judge Ave Alba, who’s journey is another venerable story of possibility, from a part-time janitress to judge of Albay province.

It was not an easy transition for Judge Alba, she is the 8th daughter in a poor household with 10 children, their mother would just left them to the guidance of their grandfather.

Alba, at an early age, took it in her own hands to learn how to start working. Her childhood overflowed with adversities. 

Her mother died when she was 13, her father never received any formal education and she studied and worked at the same time, earning four pesos a day for pulling out weeds and P12 a week for doing laundry. She also worked hard as a kasambahay for her teachers while in college.

Conquer life challenges

Judge Alba conquered all the challenges that came her way. With only P50 in her pocket, she traveled from Masbate to Legazpi to take her college entrance exam, which she aced.  She even earned a scholarship for it.

She supported herself to earn a law degree. She worked her way up from stenographer to Albay judge, a position she has served in for over a decade.

Presently, Judge Ave Alba serves in her hometown in Daraga, Albay. She also did not forget those people who helped her, especially her teachers. She visits them often too.

Win it

Hope is a weapon; you should not allow pessimism to get better of you, regardless of how life treats you. Hope is the psychological trump card that will help you win your own life struggles.

You may not always have the power over everything, but you are free to direct your ideas and attitude which gives you the capacity and opportunity to rise above life’s trials. 

Instead of getting swamped, you must move forward. Harness the power of a positive perspective and view bad events as a preparation for something bigger coming your way – worth of every pain, every failure and heartache.

During Judge Alba's college days / photo via ABS CBN 

Source: Philstar

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