De Lima lauds UPV students’ cheer: 'It reflects the ‘brutal reality’ under Duterte admin'

Opposition Senator Leila De Lima and screen-capped image of UP Visayas' cheering group/photo compiled from Abante and UNTV

Detained Senator Leila De Lima, an open critic of President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday lauded the controversial cheering group from the University of the Philippines Visayas that has gone viral on social media for its sardonic attack on the current administration.

According to the opposition senator, the group only reflected the “brutal reality” under the Duterte leadership.

She said the UP Visayas students were able to “hit the nail on the head” with their performance, criticizing the President’s policies.

“It smacks of the truth, without sugarcoating the reality under this administration,” De Lima said in a statement, as reported by the Inquirer.

“Their presentation is only a reaction to the truth and reflects the brutal reality articulated by Duterte himself in his public speeches. It was a social satire that hit right through the core of present Philippine society,” she added.

The now-viral video was criticized by many who support the President, particularly the part when they sang “Let’s kill the President. Charot!”

De Lima also lambasted the supporters of the president who according to her, hurled attacks against the UPV students.

“When Duterte spews his usual poison about murdering people, it is quickly defended by his DDS minions as part of his playful or dark humor. But when a group of students quips about killing him, it is a subversion,” De lima said

“Because of their hard-hitting commentary, these students are now subjected to the organized hate speech of the Duterte machinery, the very same ones used to persecute me and the rest of the political opposition,” she added.

“Creative dissent is most powerful when it speaks of the everyday woes of the people, those that would otherwise remain unspoken and unheard. I hope your creativity would continue to inspire others to think out of the box in defying and resisting this administration,” De Lima said.

Meanwhile, Palace earlier said that students of UP Visayas are free to criticize the President just as supporters of the Chief Executive are free to swipe back at them.

“It’s a free country, they can dish out jokes, criticisms,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said

Panelo also downplayed the chant of the students, saying it was just a joke.

“Oh, it’s a joke. The President also says the word ‘kill.’ They might only be imitating the President,” Panelo said.

Source:  Inquirer

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