Davao businesswoman met face to face with Trillanes on kidnapping probe, cusses ex-senator

Former senator Antonio Trillanes IV/photo courtesy of Rappler

Guillermina Lalic Barrido, a Davao-based businesswoman, who claimed that she was harassed and detained to force her to support allegations of extrajudicial killings and testify against President Rodrigo, by the former senator Antonio Trillanes and others.

Barrido attended the preliminary hearing on Oct. 11 and affirmed her affidavit which was used as a basis by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to indict Trillanes, Alejo, Sabio and Sister Ling with kidnapping and serious illegal detention.

Trillanes, Alejo and Sabio were given 10 days to file a counter-affidavit the said allegations by the assistant state prosecutor, Gino Paolo Santiago.

A subpoena has yet to be served to Sister Ling, a Cannussian Sister, because the address listed on the complaint has not yet been located.

Barrido, on the other hand, was warned by the prosecutor for cussing Trillanes after the DOJ procedure, and she was asked to “respect the office.”

Barrido continued to shout, “I was hurt. For years I endured what they have been doing to me,” as she walked out of the DOJ’s Executive Lounge.

“He harassed me. My child almost had an accident. Trillanes is a liar. He even paid people in social media. The truth will soon come out,” Barrido said in Tagalog.

Meanwhile, Trillanes emphasized that  it was the first time he met Barrido and denied all her accusations against him.

“As I said, I don’t know this person and based on the evidence we gathered, she has a history of defrauding people for money,” Trillanes speaking in Filipino.

Trillanes added that it was Barrido who approached priests for assistance and claimed that her life was in danger and later on ask for money in exchange for damaging information against Duterte.

“We have videos to support these arguments and we will present these in our counter-affidavit, the tables had been turned,”
he said.

Trillanes swore he was never involved in any kidnapping case. “I never abuse my power against ordinary people,” he said. “I stand up to political bullies, to political monsters,” he added.

Source: Inquirer

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