British national and Duterte supporter writes open letter to Sarah Elago for calling the president a 'dictator' and 'tyrant'

British national Malcolm Conlan and Kabataan Party list Rep. Sarah Elago

British national and Duterte supporter Malcolm Conlan can't help but condemn Kabataan Party-list Sarah Elago for accusing the president of being a 'dictator.'

Conlan was referring to Elago's statement in 2018 amid the walk-out incidents of some students during classes.

In an open letter he posted on his Facebook account, Conlan argued why Elago's claim are false accusations.

The British national also countered Kabataan for allegedly saying Duterte has committed 'tyrannical attacks on youth and the people'

Read Malcolm Conlan's full open letter below:


‘Duterte’s Dictatorship’ Ma’am?

1. President Duterte welcomes protesters in the Philippines, in fact he has no problem facing and debating with this those who don’t agree with him. A Dictator wouldn’t do that?

2. ‘Tyrannical attacks on youth and the people’??? Free education in state universities. Free healthcare for those in poverty. No deposits on private hospital admissions, encouraging young people to gain a good education by introducing a curfew so that parents can’t take their children out begging in the middle of the night.

Sorry ma’am Sarah, you are sadly mistaken!!!

Screen-capped image of Kabataan Rep.'s statement last year Feb. 1, 2018

Source: Malcolm Conlan

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