Agot Isidro to Duterte: clean up your own mess, 'Ikaw ang nangako. Ikaw ang nagkalat. Ikaw ang maglinis'

Agot Isidro and President Rodrigo Duterte/photo courtesy of Politiko

Actress Agot Isidro has criticized once again the President over the recent challenge, he gave to Vice President Leni Robredo to lead the drug war campaign of his administration.

In her Twitter post, Isidro said if she was Robredo, she would snub Duterte’s offer to be appointed as drug czar and to give his law-enforcement powers to Robredo.

Agot added that Duterte, who pilot the controversial war on drugs that left thousands of people dead, should instead clean up his own mess.

“Kung ako si VP Leni, di ko yan papatulan. Sasabihin ko lang… Ikaw ang nangako. Ikaw ang nagkalat. Ikaw ang maglinis,” Agot tweeted.

The chief executive expressed on Monday that he would transfer his law enforcement powers to Robredo for six months. This came as a response to Robredo's call for the administration to reassess their drive to stop illegal drugs in the country which was "obviously not working." 

Robredo respond the following day said that she opted to shun this offer as she was not sure if it was a serious one.

"It will be difficult to pick a fight [Duterte] as it will only prolong this [exchange]. For me, it would be best to look for solutions,” she explained.

“Despite the limitations and difficulties that are being thrown my way, I find ways to serve. To give attention to things that are not beneficial, I think is a waste of energy." Robredo said in a previous report.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo clarified at a media briefing that this was "more of an offer than a challenge."

"He is the chief executive and enforcer of the law. He can create [a] task force and appoint people to run it."  Panelo said in a media briefing. 

Agot Isidro is an actress, recording artist and is also known as one of the vocal critics of Duterte administration particularly on the President's campaign on illegal drugs.

Source: Politiko, Philstar

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