'Try nyo lang!' Agot Isidro dares gov’t officials to take 30-day EDSA challenge: ‘Bawal ang wang-wang at police escort’

Agot Isidro/photo courtesy of Twitter

Actress and an avid critic of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, Agot Isidro, has a new challenge for the top Government officials regarding the worsening traffic in the country especially along Edsa.

In a tweet posted on Saturday (September 21), Isidro has put on the challenge to top government officials from lawmakers, Cabinet members up to other local officials if they can endure the horrible traffic jams as experienced every day by many of our fellow motorists and commuters.

Agot wants the country’s government officials to drive along EDSA for 30 days without using any car siren and police escort as they pass along EDSA.

“I urge all congressmen, senators, cabinet officials, mayors, councilors, lahat ng nakaupo… Take the 30 Day #EdsaChallenge. Peak hours. Bawal ang wangwang at mga police escort. Game? Try nyo lang,” Isidro tweeted.

And the challenge seems to compose of two parts, Isidro added that, after the EDSA challenge, she called on the top government officials to take another 30-day MRT challenge.

Pagkatapos, take the 30 day  #MRT Challenge, Do eet,” said the TV actress and girlfriend of former Solicitor General and Otso Deretso senatorial candidate, Florin Hilbay.

Source: Politiko

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  1. Agot hwag kang dumaan sa Edsa dahil pampasikip ka lang. Ang galing nyo maggpuna. Bakit? Ngayon lang ba nagkatrapik ang Edsa sa panahun ni Duterte? Sa panahun ni Pinoy hindi? Bunganga mo subrang ngawngaw.